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Prefabricated construction plays a major role in providing local, state and national government bodies with a faster, more efficient, reliable option to traditional construction methods. For government projects where costs can be a determining factor when it comes to high volume builds and economies of scale, one of the many benefits of prefabricated modular construction methods is our ability to provide greater certainty of total costs and timeframes from the beginning of your project. Fleetwood can ensure your project fits within your department’s budget and scope. 

Some of our key projects in the government sector have included:

  • Regional police stations and training facilities
  • Fire station facilities
  • Administration buildings
  • Prisons and correctional facilities
  • Accommodation villages
  • Affordable / Social housing
  • Sport and recreation facilities
  • Defence projects
  • Education and learning environments
  • Health Care facilities / Hospitals
  • and more

The prefabricated modular approach is highly beneficial in helping these organisations save both time and money, allowing them to focus on delivering efficient services to benefit the community.

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