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For immediate enquiries please call. Alternatively please leave your details and a short message below or fill out one of our enquiry forms. Our team will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

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Build Own Operate & BOOT

Fleetwood Accommodation Solutions offers a full turn-key solution as part of our build, own and operate, transfer business model. We currently own and operate accommodation villages and affordable housing developments throughout Australia and have partnered with differing levels of government, commercial and community-based organisations to deliver high quality housing. 

The modular approach helps save on material costs and prevents wastefulness. By minimising costs throughout the build phase of each project we can create further value and cost savings for a high-quality, fast solution that allows our customers to invest their time and money into running their mining sites and major projects without the hassle of managing site facilities.

Fleetwood Accommodation Solutions 

Fleetwood has designed, built and continues to operate two major accommodation villages in Western Australia – Searipple Village and Osprey Village. Having operated these facilities for over a decade, we can offer unrivalled operational expenditure analysis, safety needs, environmental and ongoing accommodation performance outcome management. Through our Fleetwood Accommodations Solutions business, we have developed Glyde, an innovative patented system that helps to decrease ongoing village accommodation costs, environmental emissions and enhances customer experience benefits. 

Having a solutions-driven and innovative approach, we continue to lead the way in pioneering improvements in user experience and investment return for mining owners and operators. 

Searipple Village

Searipple Village is one of the largest accommodation villages in Western Australia, offering over 1,300 rooms across 15 hectares. Constructed, owned and operated by Fleetwood, it was purpose-built to meet the needs of the Karratha region in Western Australia.

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Osprey Village

Osprey Village provides affordable housing for the South Hedland region, offering 293 high quality dwellings. Osprey Village was a joint initiative between the Government of Western Australia Housing Authority, Royalties for Regions and Fleetwood and is now owned by the Housing Authority and operated by Fleetwood.

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