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Showcasing our work with community housing providers in addressing Australia’s housing challenges

We are delighted to support the release of PowerHousing Australia’s FY2024 Scale CHP Sector Capacity Prospectus, which was launched in partnership with CoreLogic and other esteemed PowerHousing Australia members. This comprehensive report highlights the capacity of community housing providers (CHPs) and modular builders in addressing the current housing environment in Australia and providing long-term housing solutions. It showcases the strength and achievements of our sector, positioning community housing providers and modular builders as key leaders in social and economic housing outcomes. We are proud to share that Fleetwood Australia has been prominently featured in the report (page 43), further highlighting our capabilities and capacity as Australia’s leading modular builder.

The launch of this prospectus was an exclusive affair, receiving nationwide coverage through ABC’s The Business, Radio National, and ABC online platforms. It has also garnered attention from various media outlets, including The Australian and other news sources. This recognition emphasises the significant role Fleetwood and CHPs play in shaping the housing landscape and their ability to compel governments and investors, both domestic and international, to take action.

The report was shared with Federal Members ahead of the vote on the 30,000 home Housing Australia Future Fund bill and the Federal Budget. Its findings highlight the vital work PowerHousing Australia’s CHP members and affiliate partners are doing, particularly during these times of strained housing affordability. By showcasing our sector’s achievements and capabilities, we aim to support PowerHousing Australia to influence government policies and secure the necessary support for sustainable housing solutions.

The PowerHousing Australia FY2024 Scale CHP Sector Capacity Prospectus is a testament to the strength and achievements of our sector. We are proud to be a part of an industry that is making a significant impact on Australia’s housing environment. As Fleetwood Australia, we are committed to addressing housing challenges and contributing to long-term solutions. Please join us in sharing and promoting the report’s content to raise awareness about the critical work being done by community housing providers and their partners.

Together, we can advocate for sustainable and inclusive housing solutions, ensuring a brighter future for all Australians.

Read the report here.