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Rapid response: How Fleetwood’s modular building solutions aids emergency relief efforts

Rapid deployment of temporary buildings during a time of disaster recovery is crucial in the event of an emergency.


Whether it is a quick response to a natural disaster such as floods and fires or providing relocatable buildings for government agencies and healthcare facilities in the face of a pandemic or humanitarian crises, Fleetwood’s modular buildings can be delivered an installed quickly, providing prompt relief to affected communities as well as an efficient and cost-effective solution.


Fleetwood’s building solutions are flexible and adaptable in emergency environments that tend to throw unexpected curveballs. Our modular units can be and have been utilised to temporarily replace a wide range of facilities including:
  • Classrooms and school buildings
  • Housing and accommodation
  • Restrooms and toilet facilities
  • Medical facilities and pop up clinics
  • Site offices for emergency services

Fleetwood’s off-site manufacturing provides the fastest possible disaster relief for essential services such as schools. Over the years, we have come to the rescue of many schools including:

  • Upper Mount Gravatt State School (fire)
  • Rocklea State School (flood)
  • Warwick East State School (fire)
  • Southport State School (fire)
  • Kapunda High School (fire)
  • Sandringham Primary School (fire)
  • Mansfield State School (fire)
  • Morningside State School (fire)
  • Swayneville State School (flood)
  • One Mile State School (fire)

In addition to our work in the education sector, we have also provided rapid delivery of clinics, medical facilities and emergency accommodation/housing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Ipswich Hospital Fever Clinic
  • Centre for National Resilience in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth

Benefits of Fleetwood’s building solutions for disaster relief

Fleetwood’s national manufacturing capacity enables speedy deliveries of temporary modular buildings to remote and regional Australia to provide shelter and safe spaces quickly in times of great need.

Quick response, delivery and installation

In times of crisis, things need to happen quickly. Speed to occupancy is one of the key benefits of Fleetwood’s modular construction. From temporary classrooms to clinics, our buildings are delivered up to 50% faster than traditional construction to provide the fastest possible disaster relief.

Cost-effective and accessible

We understand that it’s difficult to plan extensively for sudden disaster relief. Our standard products are readily available, which keeps costs predictable.

Greater safety and working conditions

Unpredictable weather can pose a threat to construction workers. Our off-site manufacturing takes place in a controlled factory environment and avoids running into weather-related issues that can halt disaster relief efforts.