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Siemens MRI Pods

Off-site facilities to house MRI equipment


Siemens Healthcare and Fleetwood developed a strategy to supply off-site constructed modules to house MRI equipment at various hospitals around Australia.


The design needed to accommodate transport restrictions and the significant size of the equipment to be installed.
The concept was designed to minimise time on-site and allowed the modules to be manufactured in a controlled factory environment. Both parties worked together with design teams and finishing trades to provide the successful final product.


  • Over a three year period, Fleetwood Australia has been able to supply modules of various sizes to Siemens Healthcare projects in Vermont, Mildura, Werribee and Warrnambool in Victoria and Mandurah in Western Australia.
  • In most cases, the modules were transported to the site and installed in one day, with little disruption.
  • This was a highly cost and time effective solution for the client.

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