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Newborough Primary School

New 600m2 central hub building


Fleetwood was contracted to deliver a design and construct solution for Newborough Primary School as part of the VSBA Permanent Modular Program. The school required a central hub for various learning environments plus staff and administration facilities for the second half of the 2019 school year. The building replaced an ageing school wing that had been servicing the school for a number of years. In addition to the delivery and installation of the facility, Fleetwood completed further civil works such as the stormwater and sewage systems as part of the project.


The project saw 21 modules delivered, which encompassed two major sections of the building equating to over 600 square metres (Building A: 10 modules and Building B: 11 modules). A full turnkey solution covering all aspects of the delivery of the project was provided with Fleetwood responsible for the initial site set-up, removal of asbestos plus the off-site prefabrication of the building and all onsite works. The facility included classrooms, office space, a staff room, library, store rooms and toilet facilities.


The school is now able to house most of its student classes out of the permanent modular facility. Moving from outdated facilities to a specifically designed education hub. The school has also been able to utilise a new library space, run group classes, and provide students with multiple safe access points and walkways to the building. With the site being located on a sloping corner block, the advantages of delivering a modular solution are eminent as shown with the ability to deliver an entire structure and have it operational in a fraction of the time of a traditional build.

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