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Loganholme OSHC

Increased capacity of Outside School Hours Care


Loganholme state school sought to increase capacity of their Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service. Close to one in three children at the school were enrolled in the program, necessitating a transition to a larger, dedicated space.

Following a $500,000 grant from the Queensland Government’s $45 million OSHC services infrastructure program, the school approached Fleetwood to collaborate on a full turkey solution (including siteworks, design, construction, installation and landscaping) to deliver the new facility.


Fleetwood designed two separate large activity spaces, totalling 371m2 of interior space, connected in the centre by a covered all-purpose 36m2 deck. An additional 50m of covered walkways were constructed, linking the buildings directly to the existing school infrastructure. A wheelchair accessible ramp links to the street for easy early morning and late afternoon pickups and drop offs, while the other side is retained to create a flush entry and access to the raised deck.

The interiors feature large open plan carpeted learning areas, with an adjustable teaching wall built in to accommodate safe storage of musical instruments and allow the space to double as a music school room. The buildings also house an office space, prep area and large storage room, as well as plenty of windows and large screens to allow natural light to filter through at all times of the day.


As Fleetwood had a close relationship with the school, developed over previous successful projects, all aspects of the design were expertly refined to achieve the most effective use of resources to meet the school’s current and future needs. This included mixing the use of both prefabricated and in-situ building methods to deliver the best outcomes.

Despite the challenges faced while working during a peak COVID outbreak, Fleetwood’s experienced and dedicated team continued to safely deliver the new facility in just under four months from commencement of manufacturing to building handover! The school now has the capacity to house over 90 children in their new modern, safe and inspiring learning environments.

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