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Doutta Galla Aged Services Units

Comfortable independent living to support a healthy retirement lifestyle


Fleetwood provided Doutta Galla Aged Care with a range of modular ‘independent living’ dwellings. The units comprised of a living area, bedroom, bathroom and amenities facilities for occupants and staff. The facility makes up a charitable, non-denominational aged care organisation that services the needs of the elderly in the electorate of Doutta Galla, and the western suburbs of Melbourne more generally.


Fleetwood’s role was to deliver a full turnkey solution which specifically included design and construction of the facility along with delivering the buildings to site. The project was dependent on the collaborative relationship between the relevant stakeholders in concert with the Fleetwood operational team to coordinate the delivery of the project within the tight time frames set by the local council.


The collaborative approach between all stakeholders ensured the objective of a fully functional, modern and high-quality Aged Care Facility was delivered. With the on-grade solution for the entire development creating an easy transition for the residents between facilities.

The successful delivery of the project has ensured that the organisation’s mission to ensure that all individuals within their community have access to affordable and good quality aged care services.

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