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Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP): Accountability in action

In today’s world, there is an increasing emphasis on corporate responsibility and accountability. Companies are expected to not only meet their bottom line, but also make a positive impact on society and the environment. One way that we can demonstrate our commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous communities is through a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

A RAP is a strategic document that outlines an organisation’s commitment to reconciliation and provides a framework for actions that will support the process. It is a tool that helps businesses to take responsibility for past injustices and to create positive change moving forward.

For companies in the building and construction industry, a RAP can be particularly important. This industry has a significant impact on the environment and on Indigenous communities. The construction of large-scale projects such as mines, pipelines, and hydroelectric dams can have significant impacts on Indigenous lands, cultures, and economies. As a leader in the modular construction sector and an Australian owned and operated company, Fleetwood is committed to working with Indigenous communities in a respectful and collaborative manner. Our RAP helps to keep us accountable for our actions and commitments to reconciliation.

Our RAP helps to establish meaningful accountability by setting clear targets and measures for progress. The document outlines specific actions that Fleetwood will take to support reconciliation and Indigenous communities and provides a framework for measuring the effectiveness of these actions. This helps to build trust with Indigenous communities and ensure that we are making meaningful progress towards reconciliation.

One of the key benefits of a RAP is that it provides a framework for collaboration with Indigenous communities. By engaging with Indigenous stakeholders throughout the development of the plan, we can ensure that our actions are aligned with the needs and priorities of these communities. This collaboration can help to build relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Fleetwood is a proud partner and supporter of Supply Nation, Australia’s first and leading advocate of Indigenous businesses in the supplier diversity space. In line with our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we believe that a collaborative approach is key to promoting inclusion of Indigenous businesses in our supply chain.​​​​​​​

Another important benefit of a RAP is that it provides a framework for ongoing dialogue and engagement. Our RAP is a living document that is regularly reviewed and updated. This provides opportunities for us to continue to engage with Indigenous communities and to adapt our actions based on feedback and changing circumstances.

In conclusion, a Reconciliation Action Plan is an important tool for companies in the building and construction industry to demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous communities. By developing a RAP, we can establish meaningful accountability, set clear targets and measures for progress, collaborate with Indigenous stakeholders, and engage in ongoing dialogue and engagement. By taking these steps, we can work towards creating positive change and building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Fleetwood’s Reconciliation Action Plan

As a proud Australian company with its roots in family business, we have a rich history of helping Australians explore the land they live on through recreational vehicles. We now contribute to remote and urban communities, providing building and accommodation solutions that create spaces for people to thrive.

This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our first step in committing to the values of reconciliation and doing our part to promote reconciliation in our work and communities. We are on a journey of learning the meaning of this land and its integral ties to Traditional Custodians.