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Proud winner of 10 MBI Awards in 2022

2022 MBI Awards of Distinction

2022 MBI Awards of Distinction

Fleetwood Australia are delighted to share an outstanding performance in the
2022 MBI Awards of Distinction at the annual ‘World of Modular’ conference and trade show. Winning ten awards in total, Fleetwood took home the most awards of any company represented in this year’s pool. 

For nearly 40 years running, the World of Modular conference has been a leading event for industry professionals from around the globe to meet, exchange ideas and receive recognition for excellence in modular building. The MBI Awards of Distinction is judged by an independent panel of industry experts and reflects the highest honours awarded in the global modular industry.

With awards and special mentions across multiple categories, the success of this year’s awards ceremony has cemented Fleetwood Australia as one of the nation’s leading modular construction businesses.

“Fleetwood has a fantastic showing in this year’s Awards of Distinction – winning the most awards of any company represented in MBI’s 2022 Awards of Distinction! On behalf of the Modular Building Institute and the modular construction industry around the world, I want to extend my sincere congratulations.”

John McMullen, Marketing Director, Modular Building Institute


Legacy Living Lab (L3)
Category: Green Building
Award: Best of Show Green Building
Award: Honorable Mention Green Building

Built out of a motivation to imagine a sustainable future, Fleetwood Australia is honoured to have been awarded ‘Best of Show, Green Building’ for the Legacy Living Lab, as well as receive an honorable mention in its category for ‘Best Green Building’.

The Legacy Living lab is inspired by the concept of zero waste and minimal demolition. Designed to be entirely disassembled and reused, it is only fixed by nuts, bolts, spacers and magnets. The building practices save an estimated 18 tonnes of construction material from disposal, resulting in an 88% decrease in carbon emissions. The L3 lab leads a major step forward in the Australian circular construction economy and towards a sustainable future.

Barramurra Public School
Category: Permanent Education Over 10,000 Sq. Ft.
Award: First Place

In partnership with Hansen Yuncken for design, this triple-storey modular education facility has been awarded first place in its category for ‘Best Permanent Education Facility over 10,000 square feet’.

The school was one of the first to be built using the Schools Infrastructure NSW Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) method. DfMA requires in-depth expertise, and adherence to the method resulted in substantial cost and time savings. The school also acquired the highest Australian standard energy efficiency certification.

NSW Justice Infrastructure – Prison Infill
Category: Permanent Modular Correctional
Award: First Place

Fleetwood Australia has been awarded first place in its category for ‘Best Permanent Correctional Facility’ for the NSW Prison Infill project. Recognised as best in their class, the award-winning CellPod modular cells provide a fast solution to overcrowding in prisons.

Fleetwood manufactured and installed 692 of these modular steel cells to precise standards and site specifications for NSW Corrective Services. The cells are certified for maximum security, durable and made from sustainable materials. The CellPOD design drastically decreases security risk and is a cost effective solution over the course of the module lifetime.

Spencer Pavillion
Category: Permanent Modular Assembly
Award: First Place

Fleetwood Australia is honoured to have been awarded first place in its category for ‘Best Permanent Assembly Facility’ for Spencer Pavillion.

The Spencer Pavilion required Fleetwood to work closely with Maroondah City Council to provide much needed female change room facilities and meeting spaces for the local community.

The stunning modern modular facility has been thoughtfully designed to be flexible for future needs of local sporting clubs. From excavation to finishing touches, details of design and construction were carefully considered to optimise the balance of sustainability, speed, practical use and cost effectiveness.

Westrac End of Trip Facilities and Changeroom
Category: Relocatable Modular Assembly
Award: First Place

Featuring thoughtful design across aesthetics and features, Fleetwood Australia has been awarded first place in its category for ‘Best Relocatable Assembly Facility’ for the WesTrac end-of-trip and ablution facility.

The facility comprises 221 lockers, bike racks, security turnstiles, showers and toilets as part of an effort to encourage staff to cycle, jog or walk to work. The attention to detail by Fleetwood can be seen in the bold yet complementary aesthetic choices, as well as the provision of female-only showers despite the current male-dominated workforce, expected to change in the coming years.

Ipswich Hospital Fever Clinic
Category: Relocatable Modular Healthcare Under 10,000 Sq. Ft.
Award: Honorable Mention

The dedicated Fever Clinic at West Moreton Hospital by Fleetwood Australia has been awarded an honorable mention in the category for ‘Best Relocatable Healthcare Under 10,000 Square Feet’ at this year’s MBI Awards of Distinction.

In just 14 weeks, Fleetwood delivered a full turnkey solution for the custom-built health facility. Arising from a need for more space in the COVID-19 pandemic, the speed of the design and construction was a necessity in this extraordinary time. The facility was finished two weeks ahead of schedule with minimal disruptions, which is highly commendable to our team working throughout local lockdowns.

Narambeen Accommodation Village
Category: Relocatable Modular Workforce Housing
Award: Honorable Mention

Fleetwood Australia is delighted to have been awarded an honorable mention in its category for ‘Best Relocatable Workforce Housing’, for this purpose-built, temporary accommodation village.

The project was commissioned to house 120 workers from a nearby gold mine. Design and construction materials were carefully considered in terms of the village’s distance from a major city, as well as natural risks of the area such as bushfires and wild animals. The infrastructure can be reused and relocated, at great benefit to the client and the project’s environmental footprint.

Fleetwood Website
Category: Marketing Piece Website
Award: Honorable Mention

Fleetwood Australia is thrilled to receive an honorable mention for the fresh new company website. The new website incorporates UX principles and allows the showcasing of recent wins, images and full range of services in over 13 sectors. This has resulted in a 40% increase in session duration and a 50% increase in returning users. Conversion rates and email clicks have more than doubled. This represents a fantastic success for the Fleetwood marketing team.

Osprey Video
Category: Marketing Piece Multimedia
Award: Honorable Mention

Fleetwood Australia has won an honorable mention in Marketing – Multimedia for the Osprey awareness video. The Osprey video brainstormed by our in-house marketing team raises awareness about the success of the Osprey Village in providing high quality, affordable accommodation. It highlights the Osprey village as a leading example of the potential for modular affordable housing across the country.