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Fleetwood Australia welcomes modular housing solution to address NSW crisis

In a recent interview with Sydney’s Channel 7, NSW Planning and Public Spaces Minister, The Hon. Paul Scully, highlighted the urgent need to build 377,000 new houses in New South Wales (NSW) to tackle the growing housing crisis. Acknowledging modular construction as a significant part of the solution, Scully emphasized its efficiency and speed compared to traditional methods.

ASX-listed Fleetwood Australia, the country’s largest modular construction company, echoed the Minister’s statements. With over 50,000 people currently waiting for social housing in NSW, Fleetwood Australia emphasized that modular construction is at least 50% faster than traditional methods, offering a cost-efficient and precise building process.

With seven factories providing the nation’s largest manufacturing capacity, Fleetwood Australia has the ability to deliver up to 1,500 new homes annually. The company is committed to working with governments, housing providers, and community developers to combat the housing shortage in NSW.

Modular construction offers numerous advantages, including faster delivery, reduced construction waste, and the potential for reconfiguration and relocation as communities evolve. Fleetwood’s factory-based manufacturing process ensures greater quality control, safer construction, and minimal disruptions to surrounding communities.

Fleetwood Australia’s CEO, Bruce Nicholson, highlighted the high-quality and aesthetically pleasing designs of their modular homes. These designs meet the new Liveable Housing Design Guidelines and National Construction Code, offering diverse solutions that cater to various community needs.

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