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Building a culture of integrity

builderAnyone who works in the construction industry has come across the term “structural integrity.” While there may be different definitions of this concept, all evoke images of structures that are sound, meet quality and safety standards, and endure the test of time.

A corporate culture that fosters the value of integrity shares many of the features of a strong, sturdy building. A solid foundation of open and honest communication, to load bearing members or beams that support employees and uphold company values

Let’s take a look at all the different components that help us build a culture of integrity at Fleetwood.

A strong foundation is the most important part of any building. At Fleetwood, integrity is the real foundation for success. Creating a strong foundation for our culture can be achieved with open and honest communications. Being open and honest in our interactions is critical to maintaining a strong culture.

There are many important systems in a building, from electrical to HVAC. But one of the most essential is the plumbing system. A plumbing system ensures an effective flow of water which leads to good hygiene. If it fails, everything else grinds to a halt. In the same way, when it comes to integrity, adhering to our code of conduct contributes to a safer and healthier workplace. That’s why access to important information such as our company code of conduct and policies needs to be effective. At Fleetwood, you can easily find our policies well-documented and accessible via our Intranet and on our website.

Strong beams serve as a major support system in all buildings. Beams help to ensure that the whole building is secure and stable. In a company.   employees look up to their leaders to see if they are being authentic, transparent and supporting company values. Our leaders support the wider team by role modelling, supporting training and helping us implement Fleetwood values in our day-to-day operations.

In order to identify risks and address them as early as possible, a company must have good ventilation – in other words, an open culture where employees are comfortable speaking up when something’s not right. Clearing the air and standing up for what is right, is important. This is why we have a Speak Up policy which provides employees a confidential channel to report any criminal conduct. We have two Whistleblowing Officers and an external hotline that employees can access by calling 1300 573 919 or emailing fleetwood@myvault.net.au

For other issues, grievances and disputes we also have separate confidential channels to raise concerns and seek advice.

While buildings have many rooms serving multiple functions, only one roof covers them all. Similarly, as One Fleetwood, we understand that despite the different functions, office or factory locations, everyone operates under the same roof and shares the same risks and rewards. Being united and shielded under the One Fleetwood canopy helps to foster a collaborative community built on integrity and organisational interconnectedness – two leading indicators for future performance and long-term sustainability.

Just as any company maintains equipment and regularly inspects building, building and maintaining integrity is an ongoing process. Integrity is not a destination, but a process where we continually look for ways to do better. At Fleetwood, we believe that integrity goes hand-in-hand with continuous improvement. To maintain strength, we must always look for ways to improve and sustain integrity across the whole organisation.

Integrity is essential for any successful business venture—especially for us within the construction sector where deadlines must be met and expectations need to be exceeded. From quality assurance to teamwork and accountability, building a culture of integrity at work can help us all achieve greater heights than ever before!