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Advantages of Modular

Advantages of modular construction with Fleetwood


Modular construction offers flexibility and reduced costs by preventing unnecessary delays and expenses as our manufacturing process is significantly quicker than conventional methods. While manufacturing and fabrication is being completed at one of our factories, we can simultaneously complete site and foundation work. Offsite manufacturing also provides a controlled work environment, minimising the risk of unfavourable onsite weather conditions. These combined factors result in 20-50% faster build times than traditional construction methods.

Quality control

Our production controlled indoor manufacturing facilities streamline the quality process and reduce waste, while still providing the same quality, durability and longevity as traditional construction. Highly skilled Fleetwood employees, rather than independent contractors, adhere to the highest quality standards and allow Fleetwood to make costs more predictable providing the advantage of budget certainty.

Australian made

Fleetwood is Australia’s largest owned and operated vertically integrated, offsite manufacturer and a modular building solutions provider. We have been listed on the ASX since 1987. Our building solutions are manufactured off site, at one of our state of the art facilities located in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.


We source the best quality sustainable building materials and our state-of-the-art factories and build methodology allows us to greatly reduce waste by recycling materials and effectively managing inventory levels. Our relationships with key suppliers ensures all materials arrive ready for installation, minimising offsite and onsite waste and maximising time efficiencies. With fewer site disturbances and tighter construction management, off-site modular construction is a greener solution.


Modular construction is better equipped to respond to the dynamic and flexible spaces needs of today. Modular design allows for re-use & restructuring of the modular components that make up the final structure. The ability to adapt module designs their location and scope of works provides our customers with the confidence to take on any project anywhere.


Image courtesy of Co-op Studio