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Advantages of Modular

Advantages of Modular Construction with Fleetwood

Faster Build Times

At Fleetwood, most of our construction is completed inside our factories; this work can occur simultaneously with site and foundation work, which allows projects to be completed significantly quicker than traditional construction.

With offsite construction taking significantly less time to build than on-site construction. In many instances, this provides our customers with the opportunity to plan for shorter construction timeframes due to several factors including:

  • Upfront planning
  • Minimising unfavourable onsite weather conditions
  • Controlled working environment
  • Offsite and onsite construction can be completed concurrently

Minimising the construction times and overall project timeframe allows companies to take on multiple projects at once instead of focusing on one project for an extended period, which can lead to further business efficiencies in the long term.


Quality Control

Accredited to ISO9001, quality control is built into every step of our modular construction process. Our production facilities integrate best practice in design and workflow; this controlled indoor environment streamlines the quality process and reduces waste providing the same quality, durability, adherence to building standards and longevity as conventional construction. This focus on quality and efficiency in production also makes costs more predictable providing the advantage of budget certainty.

The quality of onsite construction buildings can be heavily dependent upon the varying skill levels and schedules of independent contractors whereas building in a controlled offsite environment sees highly skilled Fleetwood employees following stringent processes and standards daily.

Therefore, minimising the risk involved across the construction phase. And ensuring high-quality prefabricated schools, homes, mining accommodation camps, custodial and commercial buildings alike are continually delivered to our customers.



Fleetwood is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We utilise the best quality sustainable building materials and our state-of-the-art factories and build methodology allows us to greatly reduce waste by recycling materials and effectively managing inventory levels. Our relationships with key suppliers ensures all materials arrive ready for installation, minimising offsite and onsite waste and maximising time efficiencies. With fewer site disturbances and tighter construction management, off-site modular construction is a greener solution.


Cost Savings

One of the greatest advantages of prefabricated construction is financial savings. Although the perception of architecturally designed buildings can seem expensive, with prefabricated modular construction, this is not the case. Modular construction allows customers to pick and choose the level of finishes they desire and helps you manage budget expectations from the very beginning of your project. With some of the major cost saving factors coming from:

  • Reducing overall construction times
  • Reducing overall time on site
  • Ability to accurately track materials and labour costs



Conventional construction and design is often cost intensive, slow and at times inflexible. The demand for functional spaces and quality of construction today is far outweighing outdated building and design techniques. Modular construction allows for a dynamic and flexible approach to be taken across the board. Allowing for flexibility in the design of the individual modular components that make up the final structure.

Since prefabricated construction units can be designed and utilised in countless spaces, the ability to adapt standardised module designs to a specific location and scope of works provides our customers with the confidence to take on any project anywhere.

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