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For immediate enquiries please call. Alternatively please leave your details and a short message below or fill out one of our enquiry forms. Our team will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

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Meet the Fleetwoods

What’s it like to work at Fleetwood?

Here’s what our team says about us:

Alex Sellick  photo

Alex Sellick

Project Manager | QLD

“I began working at Fleetwood 15 years ago, doing a carpentry apprenticeship, then became a factory team leader, a supervisor and then eventually a project manager. I’ve been managing education projects for the last three years, and I really enjoy the flexibility and freedom that I have when it comes to developing the product and working closely with the design team to create the best solution for our clients. I’ve developed great working relationships with our education clients – they’ve seen what we can do and they know they can trust us to make things our own, & deliver customised, high quality work.”

Kiara Bowers photo

Kiara Bowers

Carpenter | WA

“I’ve always enjoyed being physical and hands on, so I jumped at the chance to complete an apprenticeship with Fleetwood. While it was a bit scary at the start, my team has been great to work with and super supportive. I also play in the AFLW with Fremantle Dockers Football Club, so I’ve been really grateful to have the flexibility and support to perform at my best outside of work as well”

Marija Loparska  photo

Marija Loparska

Design Manager | NSW

“I started out working as a draftsperson and have recently moved into a Design Manager role. I’m still finding my feet in such a busy environment, but it’s been great to know I can rely on our tight knit ream. We’re very collaborative and everyone is given the opportunity to voice their opinion and discuss ideas freely.”

Chris Petroro  photo

Chris Petroro

Supervisor | VIC

“I started out my career at Fleetwood a s carpenter, but soon enough I was promoted to supervisor and haven’t looked back. I feel like I have the support to further my education in project management and site management in future. When I first started I was just happy to have the stability of a permanent workload, but now it’s about more than that. It’s about forming that community with your work mates and understanding how to split your time effectively to ensure the factory team hits our targets and produces the high-quality work that our clients need and expect.”